April 12
7:30 pm

Tenebrae at Trinity

Settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah
by a composer you have never heard of,
but the music is gorgeous.

Trinity Episcopal Church
81 Elm Street

All are welcome to experience this special Holy Week service with participating musicians:
Robert Barney, organ
Laura Jeppesen, viola da gamba
Catherine Liddell, theorbo
Sally Sanford, soprano
and members of the Trinity Parish Schola

The service of Tenebrae is one of the most ancient liturgies of the Christian church. Many find it to be one of the most deeply moving services of the entire church year. Observed on the Wednesday evening of Holy Week, Tenebrae means "darkness" or "shadows," and the church is lit by candlelight. As the service progresses, the candles are gradually extinguished until only one remains, symbolizing the light of Christ. The lesson texts for this service are taken from the Lamentations of Jeremiah. The musical settings of the lessons that we are offering this year were composed in 1705 by Jean-Baptiste Gouffet. Gouffet is hardly a household name, and it is quite likely that this will be the first time this music is being offered in North America. Active in Lyon during the reign of Louis XIV, Gouffet (1669-1729) was an organist and composer who held minor holy office in a Franciscan order. His music would likely be far better known today if more of it had survived, as it is of remarkably high quality. Gouffet's complete settings for Tenebrae do survive in manuscript, however. Sally Sanford, in collaboration with Catherine Liddell, has prepared a performing edition of these settings working from a facsimile of the manuscript.

Hope you can join us! Please help spread the word....

All best wishes,