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“Sally Sanford does everything that’s essential and right to bring baroque vocal music alive...her clear, finely focused soprano limns the melody exquisitely with the natural vibrance of an expertly produced voice...Her technique is crystalline, but it is never used for pure display, only for expressive enhancement...her diction is so focused that the sound and sense of each word is pellucid...the experience was as moving as any I’ve had in opera...a jewel of a recital...”

“Sally Sanford ... has a voice of astounding purity, unerringly focused, projected with striking firmness and power, and enhanced by the most graceful and effortless ornaments to be heard in a long time.”

“Sally encourages a synthesis of mind, body and voice. Instead of concentration on vocal production, lessons with her involve investment in becoming a total conduit for music. She helped me to be secure in my body, which freed my voice immensely.”
Student Evaluator

“Sally is one of the kindest, yet most talented professional people I've ever met. She encouraged me in positive ways and with her I've grown miles as a musician and performer.”
Student Evaluator

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